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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Go Blue!

The Hubby and I had been dating a little over a month when he brought me to his hometown for a Friday night football game. It was the big rival game so I thought this was going to be a social event. It was social but more so it was football. I was stunned and continue to be amazed at how big high school sports are in our town. The football stadium was the biggest thing I had seen for high school and people here have season tickets! People in my parents generation (who no longer have children in high school) still tailgate for games. It is nuts and awesome all at the same time.

I have nothing against high school sports. I was a 4 year cheerleader and attended every football and basketball game we had. True confession. I am not a sports person. I love to tailgate and socialize. Red and Black (along with Blue and White) are good colors for me so I feel pretty cute. And I love to pay enough attention that it excites my hubby. So, all and all I am a sports fan. I have also learned a lot about football and really do enjoy watching the games...sometimes. Another confession, I really was not a fantastic cheerleader. I got really bored standing there watching the game in my "hands on the hip" pose, not talking. I was too scared of heights to stand on other people's hands. I mean let's face it, high school girls are terrible. Who knows from one day to the next if you are friends, so why in the world do you think it's safe to literally put your life in their hands?! I also didn't get jazzed up about hoisting someone else up in the air so they could get all of the attention. However, the outfits were cute and my older cousins were cheerleaders and for some reason I thought it was cool to sale spirit ribbons and hang them on my wall. AND for goodness sakes, who in the world didn't want to be Cindy Mancini?!

Here's the difference in my Go Big Blue and the Hubby's Go Big Blue, we stunk! No offense to any Mustangs that may read my blog, but seriously, winning 1 maybe 2 football games a year is pretty stinky. I guess it's appropriate to buy season tickets and fancy stadiums for winning teams. Right now we are at home on a Saturday night watching my husband's Alma Mater play for the Georgia High School State Championship Basketball game on GPTV. He is awfully proud and it's really cool. Amelia will also attend the same high school as her Daddy. She has already started going to the football games. Hopefully she will not want to cheer. We have already started playing with tennis racquets!

And while we are on the talk of high school... I am so glad that's over! I do not get the people who say high school was the best years of their lives; that they would love to go back. Obviously their child and husband is not nearly as cute as mine! HA! Not that my experience was terrible, but that amount of emotions and hormones contained in one building is dangerous! I have watched High School Reunion and would no more do that for anything. I did not go to Senior Prom, maybe that is my problem... No, because I took line dancing lessons with a hot lady named Zelda and then cut a rug at a country bar instead. A lifetime friendship was formed over mexican and country music that night. Such a better option than a sequin gown that is uncomfortable and a awkward high school boy hoping to get it off of you. Life is great at 31!

By the way, my cat is laying behind me and snoring. It cracks me up!

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