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Friday, March 19, 2010

Treated Like A Daddy

Back in January me and 3 friends went to St Simons Island. This was a fantastic trip that I should have blogged about but that was during hibernation (see previous blog for explanation). It started out as an idea to go buy clothes for the children, but turned into a much needed break for a group of girlfriends. We stayed at the King and Prince, shopped and ate with the locals and enjoyed general girl time. Besides the beach, the food is my most favorite part of SSI. From breakfast at 4 of May to anytime at Bubba Garcia's, it is awesome. And believe it or not I went to TCBY for the first time this trip. My friend, Katy, insisted and I thought she was nuts... until I tried it. We went multiple times one day. How have I lived 31 years and never gone to a TCBY? It was so wonderful to be in my most favorite place with some of my most favorite girls!

Anyhoo, we all came home to find out that our husbands all had a little helping hand for the weekend. I mean, can you believe we would leave them to take care of the children they helped conceive for a whole weekend?! Terrible! And it wasn't just from their Mothers, some of our Mothers even helped out with meals and made phone calls to check on them. Bless their hearts, boys are such sissies!

Well, don't hate girls but I have received "Daddy Treatment". The Hubby was out of town last week for "work". I found out this "work" included staying at a Bed and Breakfast and touring Cumberland Island. I am super jealous! While he was gone, I received somewhat of a bed and breakfast treatment myself. My Mother-in-Law looked after these 2 girls without their Man of the House all week. We were fed at least one meal a day (usually two) and one night we even had a slumber party. It is no secret that I am a scaredy cat or that Ben and I are obsessed with the bed in their guest bedroom. After much persuasion from the Hubby and Nana, Amelia and I packed for the night and stayed at the Comerford Inn. We had dinner, watched a movie and after a night stretched out in the king sized bed, we woke up to breakfast. Girls, we need to find ways to make this happen more often. It is a nice set-up!

I have to say that while I was glad to see my husband, I was really sad for the week to end. Amelia and I kept the house clean, had little laundry and home cooked meals. Now we are back to clothes on the floor, dirt on the floor, dishes in the sink and general stuff scattered here and there. BUT, we have Daddy back and that makes it all worth it.

Have I mentioned I have the best Mother-in-Law a girl could ask for? I got really lucky and I am so grateful! Thanks Nana!

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