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Saturday, April 24, 2010

8 Months

It's been a few months since I've done one of these. It is so hard to believe that on April 21st our little girl turned 8 months old! We celebrated Amelia's birthday eating pizza with Katy, Lonnie and Molly (Katy even sang happy birthday to Amelia). Molly is 6 days older than Amelia. I pray every time I take a picture of those 2 cute girls that it will end up in a senior portrait ad because they will be best of friends that long. Wouldn't that be cute?! I shouldn't talk like that because Lord knows they will be in high school before I can blink!

I wish there was a way to put into words the love I have for Amelia and the joy she brings me. She has the funniest personality and the sweetest disposition. It seems that each day she comes up with something new. Today I organized her closet and put clothes she has out-grown into containers. I looked back at the little gowns and dresses and was absolutely amazed at how far we've come. You know, I think we are really going to make it! :) I can't even tell you how I felt, excited for this new little person she is becoming, sadness for the little baby girl that growing too big for my lap...What in the heck?! No wonder so many women are on medication. Motherhood completely destroys your emotions (and your boobies!)

So here is the 8 month wrap up:

* Amelia has not stopped cutting teeth since Feb 10th. As of her 8 month birthday she had 7. On the 23rd the 8th came through

* Ever since the first four teeth came through we have been sleeping through the night again. She goes to bed about 8 or 8:30 and sleeps until around 7:15 or 7:30. She still hates to go to sleep and cries for about 5 mins in her bed before giving in and crashing. She does not wake up crying. Usually I know she is up because I hear her "talking" to the stuffed animals in her bed.

* She still likes to cuddle. Usually its in the same corner of the bed, but sometimes recently its been with a stuffed animal.

* We are trying our best to drink 25 to 30 oz a day. She is eating baby food 3 times a day and yogurt for a snack. We have yet to find food she does not like, which is shown in the fact that she weighs right at 20lbs

* She had her first fever April 6th and it was 102.4. It lasted about two and a half days on and off. Turns out she had terrible allergies this spring. We hope it doesn't become a trend.

* She started crawling April 18th. She's not really fluid with it but she gets where she intends to go.

* She has mastered the sounds "dah" and "buh" but those are the only ones she consistently uses. She "talks" all the stinking time. She also squeals and giggles a lot which is the most fantastic part of having a girl.

* She loves to "poot" with her mouth. She will purse her little lips up and blow out while sending bubbles and drool everywhere. You do it then she copies you and laughs. That has been going on for about a month and we still can't get enough of it.

* She really likes her exersaucer but loves playing on the floor just about as much.

* She has started taking her pointer finger and middle finger from each hand and tapping them together. Her Great-Grandma pointed this out last week and she was right! Amelia does that quiet a bit. Know what else? So does her Daddy!

* She does not like you to leave her. You have to wait until she is occupied to play your exit strategy to get out of the room.

* The one big negative right now is biting. It's become a new trend. I know she is just figuring out these new teeth in her mouth, but how to you discipline an 8 month old? I don't mean nibbling but the child breaks the skin!

Obviously, I could go on for days and days but I think I have hit the major points. I will leave you this adorable picture of Amelia, Molly and their Daddies on Amelia's 8 month birthday.

8 Months

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