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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going for Frost Bite

Today is the day... it's the first beach trip of the summer... almost summer. Mama will be here about 2:30 to pick up Amelia and I and we are southbound. We are going to see a sweet friend get married on Rosemary beach and decided to make a vacation out of it.

I plan on spending a lot of time by the water. Do you think it will still be too cold to get in the ocean or pool? I bet it is, but who cares?!

I can't wait to mingle around the cute little village in Seaside. We are reading Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang for book club so maybe I'll visit the little bookstore and purchase it for my souvenir.

I also plan on spending a lot of time here:

eating the most amazing cupcakes. Personally, I am still a fan of Sweet Pockets in Atlanta, but ordering cupcakes from an airstream on the beach excites me. And if I am remembering correctly they are also catering the wedding.
But most exciting is this:
SNOW CONES! These are the most amazing things ever! My friend Isa introduced me to them and it totally sealed our friendship for ever. I have had many a snow cones in my time from multiple years at the circus to once even owning my very own Snoopy Snow Cone machine. There has never been a snow cone like these. Maybe because they are in an airstream or because you are at the beach or because they have crack in them. Whatever it is, it's dreamy!
I'm off to put last minute things in my bag. Oh! and WHY OH WHY do little people require so much stuff? I bought a new extra large Scout bag in St Simons this fall to use as my beach bag. Guess what's in it?... all of Amelia's travel "necessities".
See you next week!

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