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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Amelia's first Easter was better than I could have ever imagined! For the first time in a bazillion years the weather was fantastic. I wore a shrug over my dress and almost burnt up!

Easter starts in our house on Palm Sunday. I absolutely love Palm Sunday service. When those sweet little kids come down the center aisle in church it makes my heart melt. I kept thinking that next year Amelia just might be old enough to wave her palm branch to the Lord. I don't know why that particular service pulls my heartstrings. I think the excitement and love that children have for Jesus is something I envy.

Here is Palm Sunday at our house

(These were actually taken in front of our neighbor's house. Hope they don't mind! Their house is for sale. The house is just as cute as this pretty bush. Wouldn't you love to be our neighbors?.... Heather? :) ....)

On Wednesday we went to church for the annual Easter egg hunt. Amelia loved the Easter bunny. She kept rubbing the soft fur. The egg hunt was not as egg-citing for her. I put her down in front of an egg and she was happy. She's a simple girl not needing a lot of excess. One egg will do just fine, thank you!

On Saturday my parents came and spent the night with us. Amelia's Grandpa made her Easter basket this year. She actually sent him an email saying she would like it for her birthday, but no need to make the girl wait until August!

Amelia's dollhouse bookcase made by Grandpa! Her Mama absolutely LOVES it!

My hunny-bunny and her Easter Basket
We hosted Easter lunch at our house this year. My parents, Ben's parents and Amelia's great Grandma and Grandpa were able to come eat with us. We had way too much good food. The best part about hosting Easter lunch is 3 days worth of yummy leftovers in your fridge!

We didn't have our entire family but we were thankful for all that were here. Sometimes I wish we were all in small community where everyone was in town, in the same church and you had dinner on the ground. The worst part about holidays is the travel and decision making of where you will land from year to year. It was sweet when Amelia woke up from her nap and everyone was here. She looked from person to person smiling as if she was saying "Wow, what are all of you doing at my house?!" These are sweet little moments I hope I always remember (probably not which is the main purpose for this blog).

Amelia with Grandpa and Grandma

Amelia with Great Grandma and Grandpa

Amelia with Nana and Pa

I hope each of you were as blessed as we were this Easter. Remember to keep the celebration all year long. He is Risen and here everyday!

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  1. I would love to live next door! Just convince our bosses to let us work from there!