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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pollen Be Gone!


I really appreciate you bringing spring to us. It was a long winter and we all know what a grump that made me. You and I have never had problems in the past. I know a lot of people don't like you but I'm not that kind of girl. Until you do something to me personally we are cool. I have always said that any little headache I get is worth it for my flowers to bloom and things to turn green.

The below picture of my grill and patio does not do justice of your work this year. It seriously looks like an elementary school kid beat the chalkboard erasers all over my porch.

Like I said, we've always been cool, but Pollen, you crossed the line this year. My baby is absolutely miserable thanks to you! She is so congested she can not eat and is now running a fever. I really don't appreciate that you send my Mama into a tailspin every year, but she's old enough to take care of herself. Messing with my baby girl is a whole new ballgame. It's time for you to pack up your dust and get the heck out of town or else!

Best Regards,

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