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Saturday, April 24, 2010

They Should have Named it "Lake Amazing"

Last weekend we had a family getaway to visit our friends Brandon and Kelly. They have a lake house a little over 2 hours from us. Since we are so adventurous (insert sarcasm) we took the scenic route that took WAY longer but was so pretty. Lake Arrowhead is in what I would call the mountains, but those of you who really do live in the mountains would probably call it foothills. Regardless it is such a beautiful place.

More beautiful are our friends that live there. The last time we were at the lake it was BK (before Kelly) and let me tell you, it is amazing what a woman can do with a place! No offense Brandon! The house was always nice but now it has pretty paint and furniture and decor on the walls. It is so homey and wonderful. It's also amazing what a woman can do with a man! Brandon is one of Ben's best friends from college and has been one of my favorites since the first time we met. Ben and I also felt the same way about Kelly the first time we met her. It's just so awesome to see such wonderful people so happy. We sat around at dinner on Saturday night talking about our lives before we found each other and how happy we all are. In a world that has become so negative about just about everything (marriage included), it's so nice to hear other people openly speak about how happy they are.

Amelia loved Brandon, and not just for his glasses

And she and Kelly are best buds. I'm not sure which one had more fun...
Speaking of our dinner Saturday night... it was one of the best parts of the weekend. Kelly marinated veggies all afternoon, Brandon made beer-can chicken and they both went on the grill. We had dinner on the screened in porch with white wine and finished off with a dessert buffet of strawberry shortcake and Rice Crispy treats. Ugh, my mouth is watering now. Kelly and I enjoyed a reasonable amount of dinner and picked on the boys because their plates looked like this
Yes, that is 1/2 a chicken. They both told us this was reasonable, but I'm a little skeptical. However, I will not dare mention how many Rice Crispy treats the girls devoured.

During all of the catch-up and eating, we did find time to actually get out on the lake. Here are some pictures.

Amelia sunbathing

Boat Ride

Napping on the boat worked very well. I'm thinking we need a boat!

It was an amazing weekend at an amazing place with amazing friends. We hope to see y'all soon!!

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  1. Ahhhhh!!! You're too sweet!! It was so great to have ya'll up at the lake. Amelia is such a sweet baby, she's great to be around. :) I hope you come back soon!! Kelly