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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Belated Mothers Day (Belated blog, not day)

Daddy did Mommy good on her first Mother's Day! We woke up Sunday morning to the sweetest alarm clock. Amelia no longer cries when she wakes up but "talks" and coos instead. Daddy went to get her and they went to retrieve my Mother's Day present. I am terrible with gifts and completely turn the house upside down looking for them. I have no idea what Ben does with them. This year they were in his truck. They came back to bed with a gift bag containing 2 boxes.

One held this:

My Mother-in-law and I were shopping and I went on and on about this cute necklace. She then started a covert operation to call my husband and ask if she should get the necklace for him for me for Mother's Day. I wasn't on the phone but apparently he said he already had something and she said, but she really likes it and blah, blah, blah, I got it! My guess is she remembered the shower head I got for our first Christmas and thought she'd save him a little headache. Isn't the necklace fantastic?! It looks a lot less "bling-bling" on me than it does on Amelia. This was a great surprise being that I had just saw it like 16 hours before and I knew he didn't have time to go get it. Sneaky, sneaky Comerfords...

But, little did she know he had been shopping and it was not for a shower head.

The second box held these:

Aren't they beautiful? He said they were something special for me to remember my first Mother's Day with Amelia. He also informed me that they were her birthstone. Of course I know that, but I thought it was really sweet that 1. he was thoughtful enough to find a Mother's Day gift that was her birthstone and 2. he thought he needed to inform me that it was her birthstone. :) I do love that they are her birthstone so one day she can wear them and she and I will always have them.

What a special gift(s)! By the way, have you ever taken a close up picture of the side of your face? Mine was not so flattering! I swear I am somehow related to Harry and the Hendersons.

Where I fell down on the job was ordering my Mom's gift. I was WAY ahead of the game sending her a link to order shoes she liked. About a week later she responded and I totally did not get them ordered. I'm telling you my mind is not functioning correctly. What kind of daughter who is now a mother and knows the work their mother put in can not order shoes in time for delivery?! Terrible! Anyway, they are in the mail.

Being a Mother is a true gift everyday. Some days seem like gag-gifts but they are gifts none the less. That being said, we definitely deserve a day to celebrate us. Really we deserve one day a week!

Word to your Mother...

By the way, I just googled "Word to your Mother". Urban Dictionary reads "I'm a white boy in need of a cool sounding motto." hahahahahahaha

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