Chronicling The Comerfords

Monday, May 10, 2010

Girls Beach Weekend

I swear, I really need more time in my day to blog! Can someone figure out how to give me an extra hour or just keep me up past 9:30?

Mom, Amelia and I had a fantastic time at the beach. Mom said it was her "best vacation ever". But, as cute and sweet as Amelia is, I find it hard to believe it was better than St. Lucia. I suppose that is Grandma love. We didn't do a whole lot so I will mainly post in pictures.

We started out with me making about 10 wrong turns in Columbus and adding an hour to our trip. We also found out that Amelia likes riding in the car about as much as her Mommy does. Someone had to sit in the backseat and talk to her on the way there and back. I also discovered that you need one Suburban per child for a weekend vacation. I have no idea what we would have done if I still had the Volvo. I'm sure stuff would have been stacked on the roof, truck and probably the hood!

Due to the crawling phase, we pretty much avoided the beach and stayed at the pool. I am not a clean freak or obnoxious about germs, but sand in the mouth, ears and eyes was more than I could handle. We will save the sand for walking, not crawling and face planting (you will see what I mean in a few pictures). So here is our story:

Mom has a high school friend, Sammy, who has a fantastic house at the beach. He was kind enough to let us come stay there for our trip. We got a great surprise Friday night when he showed up with his girlfriend, Mitzi. Mom and I instantly loved her! They are such a cute couple, I only wish we would have had more time to spend visiting with them.

Amelia loved the pool! It was negative 1 million degrees, but she would not stay out of it. Grandma got her this fun ladybug float and she had a blast. When we'd take her out, she'd pull up on the hot tub (not heated) and play in it. Obviously 8 month olds do not know cold yet.
Mommy and Grandma sipped on Capt Morgan and fruit juice all weekend by the pool and took turns taking Amelia inside for naps. Grandma did way more of this than Mommy but she didn't seem to mind. I got to spend a lot of time reading which was a nice change. Oh and Chelsea Lately, she is my new BFF. I'm sure she'd drive you a little bananas is she were a full time friend - mainly because she'd make you pee in your pants laughing like every 5 mins. It's a funny book. Book Club should be a hoot this week!

I just love this girl. Speaking of love, don't you love my cover up? I got it at TJ Max - Maxinista here - for like $15. It was normally $97.99! Now, it is so cute, but $98?! That's a little silly.
Doing a little poolside Yoga in the morning. This has been Amelia's signature pose for the last month or 2. It is so funny. She will also put her head on the ground and look at you between her legs. She does this all the time which is why there was very little time on the sand.

Yoga on the Green

Friday night we went out to dinner and I had crablegs. I had been craving them ever since we decided to go to the beach and they did not let me down. Us girls devoured the crablegs and wine and beer like a bunch of boys!

Amelia thought it was hilarious! She was also a little ticked that all she got was saltine crackers

3 generations. I couldn't ask for more, except for maybe 4 generations. I miss my Grandma. She would have loved this little girl to pieces.

If this doesn't melt your heart, we are no longer friends and please quit reading my blog. She did love the sand, but I didn't let her get in it. One day soon...

Her little hairs (all 4 of them) curled up in the humidity. Just like her Mama's and Grandma's... Lord help her. We are going break Daddy's bank with all the hair products

As promised, the cupcake wedding cake. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

They also served Gazpacho and Gumbo over grits in martini glasses. It was a sweet beach wedding with an awesome reception. The bride was beautiful and they have just a perfect little family.

It was great beach weekend with great company and a wedding to boot. When are we going back?!


  1. OK... I guess I am still your friend (I hope) because those pictures are adorable! I love the picture of 3 generations, but LOVE the one of you and her with the wind blowing. So pretty! Cannot wait to see my girls & ben again soon! Love you!

  2. You all are soooooooooooooo cute! Also, I love your new haircut - it's beautiful!

    So glad you and your Momma and Amelia had a great trip!