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Friday, May 14, 2010

One In A Million

Amelia has learned to pull up. She is so busy that she can not be still. She stands there bouncing on her little chunky knees like she is dancing.

We have found our new favorite tv channel which is a Music Choice channel called True Country. It is all 80's and 90's country music. We laugh about how cheesy 80's country was but sing every word to every song that comes on. It's fantastic!

We have had a week. Amelia has been a little cranky, I've been a little cranky, our main man has been really busy. It's just one of those weeks were nothing really goes wrong but it's full of little hiccups and frustrations that drive you up the wall. You know where nothing can go as planned for one reason or another. I said one day that "things just don't let up in our world, it's always something isn't it?" And then he flashed that amazing grin and said "Nope, it's how we know we are still alive!" And I smiled back.

Wednesday night was book club and I was so excited to get out of the house to be with girls older than 8 months. It was a wonderful night of yummies, good drinks and amazing friends all surrounded by a backyard flowers, water and a sweet golden retriever. There was talk of plastic surgery, boys, babies and Chelsea Handler. All kinds of "Shadoobie"! (Read the book) It was the highlight of my week, possibly my month.

But this happened before I left... It was your typical getting out of the house. Juggling a baby, picking up random stuff the people you live with has left around, all while trying to look put together enough to go out in public. I then walked into the living room and there was my little girl standing at the ottoman bouncing on her chunky knees looking straight at her Daddy. Johnny Lee was on our favorite new channel and my husband was looking our daughter straight in the eyes singing "One in a Million". This my friends, is what life is all about. One of those moments I pray that I never forget. If I were remotely tech-savy I could copy you a link to the song I am not. Google it and it will all make sense. I melted, gained composure and was off.

I know the song writers had this in mind for a man and woman romance but for me, it will always be about a Daddy and his Daughter. My Daughter and her Daddy. She is one in a million. So is he...

One In A Million - Johnny Lee
Sometimes it seems the world's a jungle
Through it all I was born to stumble
Searchin' for somethin' I never would find
I take your love in bits and pieces
Comin' to you only when it eases that lonely feelin'
That gets in my mind and you treat me so kind
With those hard times come a dime a dozen
But girls with your kind of lovin' are one in a million
They're so hard to find
And those hard times come a dime a dozen
But girls with your kind of lovin' are one in a million
I'm lucky you're mine
I know your friends don't think much of me
They say you're a fool to love me
But girl I know they'll never turn you around
You're bound to love, you hard luck poet
When I let you down you don't show it, you know it don't matter
They can't touch what we found when the sun goes down
And those hard times come a dime a dozen
But girls with your kind of lovin' are one in a so hard to find

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