Chronicling The Comerfords

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What in the World is wrong with me?!

I think I am loosing my mind. This evening I went in the kitchen for the 3rd time to decide what I was going to make myself for dinner. The Cowboy is at his monthly cowboy meeting so I'm fending for myself. I thought about going to drive thru and then thought of the work it is to load baby girl up, then got over it. Then thought about the insane buffet lunch I had and knew the Suburban would spin out of control straight towards McDonalds so I stayed at home.

I settled for some homemade beanie weenies because I have a secret love affair with them. I opened the refrigerator to get out the hotdogs and saw this... empty drink pitcher?! What in the holy heck? Those of you who have ever been to my house knows that this holds my most favorite raspberry lemonade. Then I had a flash back to last night. *Key flashback music* Ben woke me up off the couch to go to bed. I realized I was thirsty so I detoured through the kitchen and drank the last of the raspberry lemonade OUT OF THE CONTAINER! I drink out of containers on a regular basis, but I'm going to act like I don't. That being said, I never ever leave an empty pitcher in the refrigerator! And I have opened that thing about seven times today and didn't notice it. I would have blessed my husband out if he would have pulled something like this. You know I used to say that Amelia was sucking my brains right out of my girls but I'm not breast-feeding any longer. Who knows, maybe they are gone. I know the girls are gone but I thought I salvaged some of my brain.

After I gathered my beanie weenies and sweet tea I went into the living room to find this...
I mean, passed out cold in the middle of the living room floor. (I still hate our green carpet) Sweet little girl had a hard day. We went to lunch with the girls, went swimming then had friends over for the afternoon.
So now you know I eat beanie weenies and drink out of the container. Awesome. Disclaimer: I only drink out of shared beverage containers if we are at the very bottom. You don't have to decline my offer of a drink if you are at my house. Or you can just ask me and I will most likely lie to you!


  1. You crack my up!! One of the reasons I love and adore you so much is because you admit to doing the things we all secretly do!
    Poor Amelia, you need to stop letting that precious girl have so much fun!
    Love ya toots!

  2. Nicole, you are too funny!! I love the picture of Amelia out cold. :) :)

  3. Love Love Love this post. I agree with Heather... these are some of the reasons we love you so much!
    Sweet Amelia...she is a diva!