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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beach (or should I say pool) trip

I have had this entry in edit limbo for weeks. I meant to add more pictures, arrange pictures, etc. but our computer crashed. It is now fixed but it is 5 days slower than Christmas (which, by the way, is not all that show anymore). So, I will just post as is...

We went to the beach the first weekend in June. We had a great group of friends and 3 special little girls. It was so much fun! Amelia did not like the ocean one bit, but she loved the pool.

Amelia, Josephine and Andi in the surf

Trying to get her to see in the fun of the ocean

Loving on Daddy as he takes Amelia back to the pool

Running from an afternoon storm

We made it! We literally ran from the clubhouse back to the house in the rain. The girls laughed and we had fun

Fell asleep at dinner after a big day

Not liking the sand

Loving the pool!

Fun with Mommy

I love my family!!
Good friends, Good food, Good times

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