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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dinner and Flowers

We had our new youth pastor and his wife (who by the way is one of the sweetest couples) over for dinner last week. The best part is that they have only been married a week which means she is just learning to cook, which means my cooking doesn't seem all that bad. :)

I gave them the latest addition of our local cookbook as a welcome gift so that meant I had to cook recipes from it. Below is the Fresh Georgia Peach Pie. SO yummy! I also made a creamy chicken pasta that was fantastic if I do say so myself.

The only bad part was my phone rang while I was cooking. My sweet friend said "Whatcha Doing?" Me: "Cooking that casserole you made that time and a peach pie." Friend: "For your family?" Me: "No, we are having our new youth pastor and wife over for dinner." Friend: "Oh, I was wondering! I didn't think you really cooked." Seriously?! I mean, it is not that bad. I do cook for my family... sometimes...

Fresh Peach Pie with blueberries

Also, Nana and Amelia picked us flowers to decorate the house for our little dinner party. I guess they were thinking at least the house would be pretty in case dinner wasn't all that good. HA! It really was good and a really good time!

While at dinner the youth pastor was mentioning in conversation about texting the kids. I questioned this, "Really, you text high schoolers as a main line of communication?" I was being serious thinking surely our entire youth group can't afford monthly cell phone service. I mean I only had 911 service until college. He said it works. Then I got to work and one of the youth's parents mentioned how her daughter thinks he is so cool because he texts them. Obviously he is more in the know and much cooler than me! Should I get Amelia a cell phone for her first birthday?! Gees Louise!

All Flowers from Nana's garden

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