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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hotter Than a Cuss Word!

How is your summer?

I am definitely from the south and I NEVER complain about hot weather. I HATE winter. I am miserable about every single second of it. I have never wished the summer away. Then came 2010.

This space age heat has to go. Have you ever been this hot in your life? We love to be outside and at the beginning of the summer we were strolling to the ice cream shop and swimming. I am wearing a precious white sundress today and I just looked down at my legs. They blend in with my dress and look like winter time! You know why? It is too hot to go outside and get sun on them! We went swimming yesterday for the first time in a few weeks and it was like bath water. I feel so sorry for all of you outside workers. I would personally bring everyone of you a bottle of water if I could.

In all of this complaining we have really had a great summer. Multiple beach vacations, road trips to see friends, flower festivals, fun toys in air-conditioning and wonderful veggies from the Comerford's garden. We are about to start gearing up for the big birthday month!! An ice cream party is in the works.

We truly are blessed, but a little rain and lower temperatures could make me run around the front yard like a Pentecostal praising the Lord! :)

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  1. Nicole, I will never understand why you don't think you are a good writer. You truly have a unique "voice" and wit. I love your posts. I think of you as a young Paula Dean...a little naughty and a lot sassy!! LOL! Love you!