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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teething is TERRIBLE

I have been a horrible mother this week (and wife too for that matter). Amelia is trying to cut 2 more bottom teeth. She has screamed, whined or fussed for the majority of the week. Seriously, there has been much more bad than good this week. The Lord was so gracious to bless me with an amazingly wonderful infant. He knows I can only handle so much. Perhaps He has moved the notch on my tolerance knob? It's not working. You know that saying "If Mama ain't happy, nobody ain't happy"? Well, that person does not have children because in our house if baby ain't happy, nobody ain't happy. Amelia yells at me, I am short with Ben, he turns the tv up, I go to bed. It's terrible.

Sunday she was playing with me and accidentally scratched my gum with her military grade finger nails. The scratch has now turned into an ulcer and I can hardly eat or talk. I am not a happy camper and I'm not trying to hide it.

So, Amelia, guess what sweetie? I feel your pain, literally. But guess what else, if Mommy can't get away with whining and screaming all afternoon and evening then neither can you.

I did get to have wine tonight which Amelia can not so I suppose we are almost even... almost... not quite... not even close.

And Molly Brown just threw up on the floor. Just right now. Awesome. Maybe I can leave it there and act like it happened after I went to bed? That would be awfully mean since my husband has been sweet enough not to pick up and walk out on us this week.

Off to clean up the floor... Tomorrow is Friday right? Hopefully the weekend will start a new trend.

By the way, I have been putting Amelia's Orajel on my gum. That stuff only works for about 10 minutes.

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