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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Attic Sale Finds - First of Many

As part of my service hours I am required to price and sort for our annual Attic Sale. I headed out Monday night to do my first pricing and sorting shift of the year. Attic Sale gets a lot of grunts and complaints but I love it! Usually I work with someone I really don't know that well and that is always fun. Plus it raises a load of money for charity. And to top it you find some pretty interesting stuff.

This one however, is a jewel! Isn't this amazing?!! It could be yours, perhaps it was yours? I can't believe someone would give this up.

Stay tuned for more great finds....

Oh and my friend brought Monday supper by while I was gone. She asked where I was and the Hubby said "somewhere counting money or something for JSL". He listens well!

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