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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Big Week in Pictures

A little "snapshot" of Amelia's last week before turning One!

"Ho?" also known as "hello"
Sunday afternoon calling Jamie and Pete to see what time they are coming for dinner

Looking sporty in Pete's shades

Monday we had a little afternoon photo shoot in the backyard
Amelia is not a fan of hats

Also not a fan of anyone else having her hats

But when you are this cute, who needs a hat?!

Tuesday we put on our gameday attire with hopes that it would magically bring cooler temperatures. It did not work...

BUSTED! We also did our bi-weekly dresser clean-out

But when she is this cute who cares if she destroys her room?

Look at my mess!

Wednesday we put out flowers to spiff up the yard a little bit for the big day

A year later and Molly Brown and Amelia still are not friends

Thursday we wore our new dress from Grandma and played in the front yard

I can stand up all by myself! But not quite walk yet.

Friday we went to Open House and met Amelia's new teachers

When we got home there was a birthday present on the doorstep
addressed to Amelia Claire Comerford all the way from Houston, TX!
Thanks Great-Grandma Ann and Great-Aunt Sharon!!
Friday night The Meeks came over for dinner and cookies.
After they left it was off to bed to get some rest before the big day!
What a wonderful week it was!!

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