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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Color Me Medium Ash Brown

I just colored my own hair. I've done this about 5 times in my whole life. I stress the entire 15 mins (because I will not leave it on the instructed 25 mins) and it's never really that bad. It does seem that no matter which shade I use it always comes out the same color. I always thinks it has a hint of red in it. My real life hairdresser once said she would put more "ash tone" in my hair to make it look less red. So, here I go with 5A Medium Ash Brown.

My hair does not look like this picture. Much like the time I bought Eva Longoria's hair color of choice and nothing about me looked like her. In fact this color looks the same as every other Loreal color I've put on my hair. Good news is that it is not that bad and really not as red AND the sterling silver sparklers are gone. I will have to take a picture one I have some makeup on my face.
I have no idea why women decide to take such risks right before big events. I'm not talking the "I'm going on a date with the guy I met 3 days ago and I know he is the one" picture. Because we all know it gets framed or Facebooked (if the relationship makes it that long) and it eventually gets thrown away. I'm talking the "your daughter's first birthday is in 4 days and you will have these pictures the rest of your life" picture.
Or even better... the "my Granddaughter is due any day now so I will take my chances at Super Cuts for the $8 special" picture.

Good thing Amelia was so cute to take all the attention. This did not work out so well, did it Grandma? :-)
At least we know that no matter what we do, a quick trip to McDonough can fix most anything.

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