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Monday, August 2, 2010

Commit me... after Supper

And it begins... it's the evening after the first League Board meeting of the year. I love the League and I don't mind meetings of any sort really, but I hate having Monday commitments. On the first Monday of every month my office has an 8:00am meeting and I end with a 5:30pm League meeting. I just think any extra effort on a Monday is a bad idea. Just my opinion.

This was a great meeting. We have a great group of board members and one of my dear friends happened to be there tonight. The meeting was short and sweet and I drove home a happy girl.

Right after I pulled in my dinner arrived. Me and two other friends have started cooking for each other. One girl cooks Monday for all three of our families, I cook Tuesdays and the other on Thursdays. You have church dinner on Wednesday and you are on your own for the weekend. I mean, really, you always have leftovers after a meal so it's not that much extra to cook. This is our first week, but we are all really excited about it. On the night you cook you deliver. So one night a week you serve your friends and 2 nights a week dinner is on your doorstep. Jealous? You should be! You can do it too though. It also cuts on the grocery bill. So sorry Publix.

Anyway, when I got here I also found out that the baby girl and her daddy had not made it home yet. I ran to the bathtub as quick as I could. It's been a long day. Not a bad day at all. I just took a gander at my August calendar and it drained me just reading it. This is going to be a super busy month. I am so excited to be involved in everything I commit to, but sometimes it is so overwhelming. A bath is always the perfect answer to a stressful anything!

As I was laying there enjoying the quiet and thinking about the prepared dinner in the kitchen (Girls, it's like all the food you got after you had a baby BUT you don't have to birth anything) my cell phone rang. Since my family was not home I answered to make sure they weren't in a ditch somewhere. I swear, I am turning into my Mother! It was a sweet lady from my church wanting me to decorate a table for a fundraiser luncheon. One of my other friends was nice enough to suggest me... She and I will talk later! HA! Of course, I said "yes". What in the world is wrong with me?! Here I am soaking because I am having an overwhelming moment in life and I commit to something else. Again, I am really excited to support this event and decorating a table does sound fun, but what is it about women that makes us think we have to take on the world?

The Hubby is in the same boat. We've come to the conclusion that the generation ahead of us now thinks we are responsible enough to start taking on their tasks. I'm sure they are on a patio somewhere drinking a glass of wine enjoying the thoughts of us laboring. I suppose they deserve it. It is our turn.

I am so thankful to live in a small town where I can be so involved. I have met so many wonderful people and really enjoy serving others. I am grateful that I have the ability to work part time so that I can give my time to needs around us. I hope and pray Amelia will see the importance of giving your time to your church and community and being involved with others.

That being said, sometimes I just want to move out to the sticks on a piece of land where no one knows me and asks me to do a thing! Except maybe to borrow sugar, but then they would bring me something out of their garden when they came over... sounds nice... that would never work! Maybe one day we'll just have a cabin of some sort to escape to. Dream big... night night...

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