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Friday, August 27, 2010

Kate Plus Nine

I am so mad at myself. In a moment of weakness I did it. I didn't mean to, it just happened. There were no other options at the time and I stopped. I spent 30 mins of my life watching Kate manage her fleet of children and those are 30 mins I can not get back.

I will admit, I was obsessed with those cute little babies for many years and I was always intrigued my their marriage. She was so mean to him and he just took it. But then she did have Bible verses on index cards everywhere. Maybe she tried but was just stressed out (and rightfully so. I have been stressed and snappy for 2 weeks straight and I only have 1 child). I was also amazed at the organizational skills she had. I was a fan of the fam until the separation. I lost a lot of respect for both of them, but especially her.

Let me say... I was introduced to a fantastic blog recently. This blog is written by a beautiful person who had some nasty things said about her because of her appearance. I think she is a really pretty girl so I do not get the comments in the first place. My guess is there was some jealousy or envy that turned into hate and meanness. Sometimes the people our world are just plain ugly. Anway, she wrote a blog reminding everyone that the people behind blogs are human and have feelings and they get hurt. I completely get that! Now, that being said, if you put yourself out there for the public via internet or tv or any other form of media you should expect criticism. That is just how it is. It's not right, but it's the world. I mean you can pick up any of my favorite gossip mags at any point and see them talking about how such and such beautiful person is gaining weight or getting wrinkles or whatever. We talk about people, it's what we do. If we weren't concerned with other peoples business the cash register lanes at Publix would be really boring and there probably wouldn't be Facebook! *GASP*

I should start this next paragraph out as "I'm not trying to be ugly but.." Ha! You know you've done that! Or perhaps you are reading my blog from somewhere above the Mason-Dixon line?

Anyway, I vowed during the separation that I would never under any circumstances turn on one split second of her show and and risk even one penny going in her pocketbook. I can't even remember some of the things she said now that made me so mad (Seriously, mad? I mean I don't even know this woman. The Hubby gets on to be for this silliness often. But he didn't know the stars in The Notebook and they still made him cry. Same thing.) Back on point... My main frustration was that I do not see how a Mother of 8 children going through a divorce could think it is a good idea to film this part of their lives.

Maybe I am so passionate about it because I am a child of divorced parents. It is tough being a kid in general, then add cameras, and then a separation and not just a separation but an ugly, ugly situation between parents and now to still film children getting adjusted to a broken home. I have only been a parent for like 372 days, but I think that was a poor parenting decision. You can make a fool of yourself acting like you can dance, as if you are even a star, all you want. Which honestly, I would rather you not because I really like that show. But in my 372 day seasoned option, I think you should go back to nursing and get the cameras out of those sweet children's faces.

I have not one single thing against reality tv. I already dearly miss some of my very best friends, Lauren, Lo, Whitney and yes even Spidei's shenanigans. I think reality tv (or as my way too mature husband likes to say "you like all tv for the 16 and under crowd") is fantabulous. I just have a problem with filming your babies while life as they know it is gone. That's a tough place. Disclosure: I was very small and do not even really remember the divorce. So thinking about it, perhaps I do not have the first hand experience to know. AND really I should technically never pass judgement. I just think it's a selfish way for her to make some moolah. Which, by the way, obviously does not go to that fancy new hair-don't! Now that was just plain mean, but that can be fixed. She is a pretty lady with terrible extensions.

I am off my soapbox now. On a more pleasant note, have you ever heard Sugarland cover Irreplaceable? It is playing on my computer right now. It makes me extremely happy!

Maybe I should have been reading my book for book club instead of watching crap-tv. But then I wouldn't have gotten to blog-vent. :)

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