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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Boys of Fall

I personally love Kenny Chesney. I know people say whatever about leaving country and singing too much about the beach or Islands, but I think he is fun! Besides would you rather hear "Rocky Top" Or Jamaican Me Crazy"??

This fall he brought us all back together. From small towns to college towns all of us have "Boys of Fall".

I have told you about the lack of football skills that were my high school. I am now in a world far, far away from those days. Our town rallies every weekend behind our boys. Whether you are on the field in pads, in the band, a cheerleader, a parent, a student or a fan you play an important roll on the weekends around here.

We are a town that has pre-game tailgates and season ticket holders for our high school team. Why? Because they are great! Tomorrow they will be playing on national television and our entire town will be bleeding blue.

I did not grow up here and I have not spent one day at the high school but there is something about this little town that kind of makes me wish I did. Therefore, tomorrow I will proudly wear Granger Blue as my family and I go to support the Boys of Fall.

Look out for Amelia and her cuteness on TV!

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