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Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all

This saying has become way over used but that is because it is adorable! I love it and will use it as much as possible.

I have not been in hiding these past few weeks. Instead I have been in H-E-double hockey sticks. I am sure most of you do not remember your molars coming through but apparently it is quite painful. That or my child has inherited my fantastic drama skills when it comes to pain. Amelia has had on and off fevers jumping up as high as 104.7. For a week solid she whined and tugged at my pants. My back has been sore from carrying her around. And we are not even going to speak of the diaper situation. BUT, the tooth broke through! Praise the Lord! Are they all going to be this bad?? Do you realize teeth have been coming through those sweet little gums since Feb 12th? Ugh! I'd whine all the time too. That stinks!

So, that's the rotten life I have led these past few weeks. But, let's not dwell! Let me tell you some of my favorites so far from this fall...

* My tea olive bushes surrounding the porch making my backyard smell amazing

* My weekly girls night in with Jamie

* Attic Sale! A success and so much fun. It cracks me up when women pull their spending money out of their bras.

* Pumpkin Parties

* My back porch full of friends eating Comerford Farm hamburgers

* Our CSA and all of it's members

* Crisp, cool wonderful air

* Afternoon strolls with friends and our babies

* Making Amelia's Halloween costume

* Book club on a sweet friend's screened in back porch

* The arrival of Sophie Newsome

* Amelia's pink converse ALL*STARs

* A weekend at Reynolds Plantation with my husband

* Amelia learning to talk which includes:
Pointing out "Elmo"; saying "Thank you" when you give her something or to ask for something; saying "down" when she wants up or down; "Love You" in the sweetest voice you've ever heard; the dreaded "No"; cookies; "chich-chin" aka Chicken; pointing to pictures saying "Who's dat?" ; "Moooo Cows"; barking at puppies; chasing Molly around the house saying "HEY! kitty-kitty"; plus all of the other chatterbox babbles including "reading" to herself

* A baby who has finally decided to cuddle

* A day at the GA National Fair in Perry

* Sharing a table with 3 girls I have loved for years to celebrate Heather's birthday

* Uggs and Rainbows in the same week

* Having Grandma in town for the DownTown Hoedown

* Skinny Jeans

* Amelia's Wranger jeans

* All my TV shows are new again

* Amelia using her "Prayer hands" while we ask the blessing

* Making my Santa at Phipps appointment

We have had a rocky fall with a few stumbles, but needless to say we are blessed . So "y'all" I hope your fall is as happy as ours!

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  1. you are right about the money in the bra thing. I have seen women keep their cell phones and keys there too.