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Sunday, October 31, 2010

That's My Boo!


Since my child will not keep anything on her head, we did not have a huge selection of baby Halloween costumes.  I was browsing the internet and saw this cute little ghost tutu ensemble and thought, "I can totally make that!"  And I did...

 She is supposed to have a big orange polka dot bow on her head, but she hates all things on her head.
Usually we can sneak a little bow in.

 Mom's friend from high school made these bloomers.  Same person who has made all of the others ones (Christmas, Easter, birthday, etc)  Couldn't you just eat those legs up?

Saturday we went to Downtown Trick or Treat and Chili Cook-off.  The best part was running into Scarecrow Davis

 Amelia was also in the costume contest.  We did not win.  I know you are shocked! I can't believe it!  I'm sure we were taken out because of her Daddy's job downtown. Otherwise we would have won first prize!  That was the story we told her anyway... ;)

Trophy or not we still had fun!

After the downtown festivities, we strolled over to a friend's house for a Halloween lawn party.  Great time and great friends!  We trick or treated a few houses making our way back home, but Amelia really didn't get it.  She does love Smarties though!  I bet next year she will be a ton of fun.

At first I thought it was weird that our town does Trick or Treat on Saturday when Halloween falls on Sunday.  I still think it is pretty weird, but today was really nice.  We had a great service at church, good lunch and a 2 hour nap.  This evening we played in the backyard and grilled Comerford Farms hamburgers. It was a wonderful relaxing family day.

I also thought a few times today about making Amelia's Halloween costume next year... probably not.  Good thought though!

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