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Friday, October 29, 2010

Yesterday's Lazy Cures Tomorrow's Crazy

Ummm... not in my world.  Do you watch Modern Family?  I felt like we were the only ones on the planet that do not  watch it so this week we tuned in.  What a funny show!  I'm not sure if it was super-funny just for Halloween or what, but it is now set on the DVR.

If you do watch you understand the title of this post.  I called... well that is not true... Side Story... Jamie called me this afternoon to inform me that I do definitely look like the meanest person on creation when I drive.  The first time she called I informed her that she must have caught me on a bad day.  So, today she confirmed that, no I am definitely a mean-face driver.  Who knows?  I apparently need to hook the Ipod up and start driving to Dolly Parton more often.  Maybe it is my big fabulous sunglasses?  I don't know.  I promise I do not intend to look that way.  Just honk and wave at me next time and I will smile big.

Back to the point... while trying to justify my driving face I went into a rant of why I could look mean.  It's been a week.   Nothing bad, I have just been a grump.  Just one of those funks I suppose.  This morning I was running around like a mad woman and was told to leave the house and Daddy would get the little girl to school.  Then I couldn't find my keys, yesterday it was a check, Wednesday it was the church fall festival that Amelia was not excited about.  Just one of those poo-poo, nothing is really wrong but I am in a foul mood weeks.  And I have decided that I need a chauffeur (along with a Nanny and a maid and a gay male best friend who will dress me).

I was explaining to Jamie the humor in Modern Family and said "Why can't lazy cure my crazy?  Whenever I am lazy to take a break from the crazy, the next 2 days are even crazier than the day before the lazy.  What the heck?"  And we decided it is either because a. I am not a gay male or b. because I don't live inside a tv show.  So, basically what you are saying is that I am SOL?  Basically.  Well, that is just great.  Anyone want to put me on tv?  I promise I am awfully entertaining.

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  1. You are too mean-faced to be on television! I would like to second the longing for the gay man BFF stylist. I would easily go without the others for one of those!