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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Voted... For What It's Worth

The Ritz Carlton motto is "Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen." Wish we could say the same for political candidates and the electorate. Vote anyway!

This is the status a friend of mine chose today for Facebook.  I totally agree!  I was standing there at my little machine today and all I could think of was the ugliness that has been on televison.  That and Roy Barnes sounding like a redneck saying "I just hope they don't shoot my cows.."  Roy, I know you were trying to capture a specific audience, but you sounded like a goon. 

I will say that I voted Republican with the exception of Governor which I voted for Libertarian John Monds.  I am sure he will not win so perhaps it was a wasted vote, but I really like what the guy had to say.  I also really like what he stands for.  And honestly he was the only one on tv that did not spend thousand and thousands of dollars bashing another person. I'm sure Deal and Barnes are perfectly fine people but I am sick and tired of listening to them be so hateful about one another.  Do you really want someone to run our state who spends hard earned money slandering another person at every commercial break?  I don't think that is a very good use of money at all.

I also looked and the definition of 'For what it's worth' in the Idiom Dictionary is 'whether or not this is of value'.  So, I suppose this post is not titled correctly.  Yes!  My vote is of value.  It might not make a hill of beans up against the big-wig candidates, but it is very valuable. 

I am extremely thankful for two things today (plus many others) 1. that I have the ability to vote as I choose and 2. that all of the political hatred will be off my television and radio.  Now if we could just do away with the rest of the ugliness on tv...  one hill of beans at a time...

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