Chronicling The Comerfords

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Molly Ringwald, Steel Magnolias & Madonna

Great title, huh?  There have been some awesome women that have come into my week (not literally, but close enough).  Keep reading...

It's official, Amelia has a case of the crummies.  There is nothing seriously wrong with her to consider her sick, but she feels absolutely 100% crummy... for at least 10 mins an hour... and she is a drama queen. Seriously, she has some drainage and a little bit of a runny nose.  I'm sure it is that feeling that you have when you feel bad and just don't feel like getting up and going on with the day, but you know deep down inside that you don't feel quite bad enough to do it so you just walk around sulking and grunting all day.
This morning she belly ached from the time she got up until we went to school.  I kept walking around feeling her head, wiping her nose, wondering if her stomach hurts.  Then all of a sudden, Ben walks into the kitchen with Amelia in his arms and says, "I know what's wrong with her.  She is mad that you have her dressed like Molly Ringwald!"
Do you think so?  I'll be honest, I was not really feeling the outfit either.  I like all of the pieces she has on, but I'm not quite sure they worked together.  Did I send her to school this way anyhow?  Sure did!  That is one of the great things about being the cutest person on the planet, you can pull anything off.

This week the Society for Performing Arts is putting on Steel Magnolias.  The wonderful insurance people I spend half my day with are the main sponsors of the play.  So, last night we attended a reception and a sneak peek of the play.  It was a really nice date night for me and my main man.  We mingled with friends and clients over wine and food.  The main table was decorated with flowers in the shades of blush and bashful and the centerpiece... you guessed it!  A bleeding Armadillo cake!  After the reception we settled in for the play.  I can not speak enough of the talent we have in our little town.  These women did a fantastic job bringing the movie to life on a small stage.  The best part was when Ben leaned over while Annette was speaking and said, "Isn't that the part that is played by Daryl Hannah in the movie?"  In case you are keeping score, that is 2 points for Ben.  Apparently he knows his 80's women! 
If you are nearby I would HIGHLY recommend you getting tickets this play.  You will love it!

After the play I came home to watch the CMA's.  I love country music.  Even the new stuff that is not country according to the resident cowboy.  Did you watch them?  I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of the country music awards.  Country is supposed to be big fabulous dresses and suits or tuxs.  If you mute the tv nowadays you might think you are watching the VMA's or something.  Scandalous and a little trashy.  This does exclude the always beautiful Carrie Underwood.  Her dress was the prettiest thing I have seen all year. With the exception of Molly in the above photo. 
If you did watch you must have seen Gwyneth Paltrow singing.  I was glad to know that she is promoting a movie because cross-over careers get on my nerves a little bit.  Plus, there are certain talents under one roof that are assigned to certain people.  I am not even allowed to think about looking at the checkbook in our house.  If Gwyneth did not live with cutie pie Chris Martin then it may have not bothered me as bad.  I just think he is yummy and I'd rather hear him sing the soundtrack of a movie she is acting in.  That is the talent rule in my opinion.  BUT I do give her props!  Can you imagine the guts it took to stand up there in front of all those country music singers, sing AND play the guitar?  Way to go Gwyneth!  Nobody can say you are a fraidy cat!  Do you think she called Madonna Wednesday afternoon while having cold sweats freaking out?  Do you think stars do that?  Like, just pick up the phone and call Madonna's cell blabbering and hyperventilating at the same time?  I'm sure they do.
Madonna was on Ellen this week.  I know she is a little out there, but I still love her.  I also know she and Gwyneth are besties. I think I should be in their Friday afternoon play group.  I bet they have play group and I bet they would like me and Amelia (As long as Amelia doesn't pick her nose.  It is a new trick and really embarrassing.  But I bet even trendy Hollywood babies need somewhere to stick their fingers on cold days).  HOLD THE PHONES... I was just googling to find a super cute picture I have seen of them strolling together and apparently they have broken up.  Some big fight.  Sad!  I bet when Gwyneth was about to pee her pants she thought about Madonna and wished she could call her because she misses her so much.


  1. I cannot tell you how much I love this post. Love it and laugh at it because I have thought the same things a time or two!

  2. Next time... come up to my house! We will GO to the CMA's. They were just a few miles from my house!