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Sunday, November 28, 2010


This year's Thanksgiving was just as wonderful as the rest have been.  More so.  It does seem like they get better and better with each year.  As a child I was not a huge fan of Thanksgiving.  I did not like the majority of the food served and my simplistic mind thought the day was simply about lunch.  In my opinion, there just was not much to be thankful for.

Every year since Ben and I have been engaged Mom and Sonny have loaded up and joined us for The Comerford Thanksgiving.  I can not tell you how much I love having all of my family under one roof.  I wish it
happened more often. Wednesday night is like a slumber party of cocktails and laughter.  Thursday morning is lazy until the coffee kicks in and Mama reminds us of how many people need to get showered and dressed before we can go to The Comerford's.

2010 has brought us many, many things to be Thankful for.  Since it is 2010, I will rattle off my Top 10 (in no specific order)

1. Sonny is with us!  After a pretty simple surgery went south, he ended up spending multiple weeks in ICU. We love him more than I can describe in a Top 10 List.  We are thankful for everyday he is in our lives.
2. We celebrated Amelia's 1st birthday.  Along with her first year came her first steps, her first words, her first day of preschool and a lot of laughs.
3. Comerford Farms is finally off the ground.  We have had 2 CSA sessions that has provided nourishment for our family, friends and community.
4. Multiple family beach trips
5. Two great jobs in a community we love
6. The ability for me to continue working part time and having my afternoons with Amelia
7. The Sunday School class we formed almost 2 years ago has continued to stay strong and grow with the support of our church.
8. Amelia gets to spend at least one day a week with her Great-Grandparents where she gets "piano lessons" from Grandma
9. My Grandpa is with us.  Not always in his right mind, but he is here. He is also able to be in a home near Mom and that is so helpful to her.  In November we had a great visit with him and I am thankful for that.
10. We have a marriage that grows stronger with each trial and joy.

Really, we have WAY more than 10 things to be thankful for!  Our parents and Grandparents have been such a great support system for our little family this past year.  Our friends our irreplaceable.  The community we live in provides us with more than we could ever give back.  One day to say "thank you" just does not seem like enough.  Good thing we had a long weekend to follow! :)

Here are a few pictures from our day...

Amelia and I spent Wednesday afternoon painting her a turkey shirt with her hand prints.  So much fun!

 This picture reminds me of how much I love this little girl!

 Amelia and Grandma playing a tune on Thanksgiving. (Their lessons are paying off)

 Did I mention how glad I am that my parents come here for Thanksgiving?

What more could you ask for?!

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