Chronicling The Comerfords

Saturday, November 27, 2010

When Molehills really are Mountains

Last week I blew the leaves in the backyard.  It was the 3rd time this fall. Each time it is more and more work.  As soon as I would get an area completely clear the wind would blow and more would fall.  We have huge old trees in our yard that are so beautiful.  I mean they really are amazing!  But what is even more amazing is the number of leaves in the dang things.  Here I was with Amelia's monitor on my hip trying to beat the nap time clock.  I needed to get these leaves out of the yard before her nap was over or I was just going to have a big pile and a bigger mess.  I thought of a friend of mine who said she "loves blowing leaves because it is instant gratification". 

Well, let me tell you something... there is nothing instant about the job in my backyard.  I cursed the leaves and trees thinking how much I hate our house because of the leaves. I admit, at times I can get a little dramatic.  Then, the baby wakes up. Crud!  I go inside, fix her lunch, change her into some outside clothes and hope and pray I can get finished.  I brought toys outside for her to play with and put the baby gate at the porch steps so she wouldn't climb up and fall down.  We were all set until I turned the blower on. She was not a fan of that at all.  Luckily the leaves were in a pile near the road so I didn't have far to go with them. 
So I broke out the trusty ol'rake.  Then I hear little feet crunching around the edge of my pile and all of a sudden, in she jumped...

 Amelia had the best time playing in my pile of leaves.  It was a lot of hard work.  I'm not going to sit here and act like it was so wonderful and such a sweet blessing, because the majority of it was not all that fantastic at all.  But doesn't God work like that sometimes?  Sometimes the hardest work has the greatest payoff and the sweetest surprises in store.

 I mean, look at this pile!  It's bigger than she is!  It was definitely a mountain of work, but that mountain made a perfect Saturday afternoon play spot for my little girl.

 And afterwards we rewarded ourselves with our favorite sugar cookies from the Fresh Market.  We also took a couple to one of our sweet neighbors who was blowing his yard as well.

"I see you!"

Next time your molehill turns into a mountain, just keep going.  You never know what will be there to celebrate with you on your mountain-top.


  1. Now that is what I call a full afternoon. A little roll in the leaves, cookies and juice and of course a little posing outside!