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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Boos

I will say this almost every single day until it warms up, "I can not stand winter!"  I know it has it's purpose and it is nice for a cool down every now and then but a whole season is absurd.  I wouldn't say that I totally get the winter blues, but I do moan and groan and boo-hoo an awful lot.  Which makes us do things like sit on our couch New Years Eve, decline offers to go to dinner with friends, run out of food because I don't want to go outside to the grocery store, etc...  Serious note to friends, "I love you all.  I am sorry that we are so reclusive these days, but we really look forward to seeing you all after Easter!"

The worse part is that I think I have made my daughter feel the same way.  When it is warm, we put the baby gate up on the back porch and leave the kitchen door open.  She is free to go in and out while I am in the kitchen getting dinner (or heck even breakfast ready).  Now she just stands at the glass door saying "outside, outside".  I feel your pain baby girl!  When Mama and Amelia are grumps it makes for a bad living situation for Daddy.  Spring time come soon!

There are little things I have done in the past to make winter go by a little quicker... plan our summer vacation, shop for Easter dresses online, get pregnant, go to the beach. 

This winter I am trying something new.  I have a friend who is an interior decorator coming over today to fix our living room.  I figure if you have to been inside, let's at least have something nice to look at. The man of the house finally admitted last night that our living room looks like a college apartment with all your parent's hand-me-down furniture.  Well, a lot of our furniture is from our parents and the rest is from college apartments so I guess we are really not that mis-represented!  I do not have a large budget (truthfully, I really don't have a budget at all), but I'm hoping she can make a few little changes with some pillows and curtains that will tie everything together.   It's the fine line of knowing it is a rental so we don't want to spend a lot of money, but we plan to be here a while so let's make the place look lived in. I will let you know how it turns out.

Other than that we have been up to much of nothing.  Amelia is getting so, so big! She can sing the entire Wheels on the Bus song.  You say "The wheels on the bus go" and she'll say "Round and round" doing the motions.  She knows the whole thing which impresses the heck out of me because I just learned the song.  Her vocabulary is very extensive, but she is clumsy as can be. Hopefully her smarts will make up for her lack of coordination.  Of course, we think she is the funniest person on the planet.  We were eating dinner the other night and she tooted out loud.  Because we are not grown-ups we have to try really hard not to laugh (come on, you all know a good toot is hilarious).  So... she toots, we keep on eating and she says "xcuse you" as if apologizing for herself and kept right on eating.  She did not miss a beat and we almost spit our food across the table. 

My only compliant or frustration about this stage is the clingyness.  I know it will pass soon enough and I will wish with everything I have that she was begging me to pick her up, but sometimes I really do have to get something done.  We are working on letting her "help" with things and bringing what we do down to her level (folding clothes on the floor) or bringing her up to what we are doing.  She loves to sit on the island while I prepare dinner and I love her being there.

Off to clean this place up before our decorator comes.  Wish me luck!

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