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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Being a Mama is so SUPER Sexy

Yesterday I did not have the energy to wash my hair because we had a party from about 2:45am to 4:45am. At some point during feeding Amelia breakfast or getting her down from the table or changing her clothes I got honey in my bangs (or the front of my hair, whatever that part is called). I was so “whatever” by that point that I just ran my fingers through it and considered it hairspray. I will say about 10:30 I went to the bathroom and thought “You know, my hair looks pretty good today in spite of everything… maybe I am on to something here…” When I got home at 1:00 and looked at myself in the mirror I thought “maybe you should have had another cup of coffee…” I also realized that I could probably braid my leg hairs if I tried hard enough and I still had a little sleep in an eye. We changed clothes and took off to the park. I figured we would just look like we had been playing outside so it was ok. I felt like crap until I showered last night.
This morning I decided that I was going to fix myself up and have a great day (even though we had another late night party last night. I have no idea what is going on there). I got tons of compliments on a hot pink shirt 2 weeks ago so I put it on. I paired it with an awesome pair of black pants that have black velvet paisley type flowers on them that I found at a consignment shop last week. My hair worked, I even put on mascara! While trying to get out the door, Amelia decided to rub her face (nose) across my awesome pants. I now have a great shirt that is wrinkled because my child forgot the Good Lord gave her feet to walk on and I have a huge snot rocket stain across one of my fabulous velvet paisley flowers.

Awesome, huh? At least I tried today. That counts for something right? And, do I get extra points for being all natural and enviromentally friendly with my honey bangs? 

I love that girl and her snot way more than my awesome outfit so I guess it is ok.


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