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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

February is For... Wait it is MAY!

Where in the world have I been?  When I logged in there was a blog that was still in limbo called "February is for Birthdays".  So, I've been a little busy.  Let's play catch up real quick...  Seriously, I am pulling out my momAgenda because February seems like ages ago.

In February I celebrated my 32nd year and Mom celebrated her 51st.  My birthday was pretty low key which was nice. But wait, it rained ALL DAY LONG and I felt like a drenched rat all day.  It did include a great lunch, shopping trip and a fun, fun dinner.  After birthday weekend Handsome Hubby cashed in his Christmas present and went to Denver to stay with a college friend.  February was also filled with Charity Ball meetings (we will talk more about that in March)
With Faris at my birthday dinner 
 And the Amazing Isa Meeks
 Happy Birthday Peanut Butter Pie
 With my name on it!
 Proof that the guys were there, they are just not as cute in pictures :)
I really do have some of the best friends a girl could ask for!!
In March we got stressed and dressed.  The beginning of March we attended a Chamber of Commerce black tie event.  I love that our little town has such wonderful events throughout the year.  One the 19th I chaired a Charity Ball.  I'm not going to say it was a completely terrible experience because I learned a lot about myself during planning the event.  I learned that I should never again chair a big event.  1. I do not delegate well because I feel bossy 2.  I get stressed out over the littlest things 3. You have to make a lot of decisions and every single one of them is going to make someone mad.  I really, truly think I stress less about raising my child and that is something I worry about every day.  It was a beautiful Ball and we raised over $30,000 for local charities.  I am very, very proud of the work my committee and organization did, but I think I am still recovering! ha Seriously, I could not have worked with a better group of girls and I met a lot of people that I would have never known otherwise.  It was an experience and I'm glad I was a part of it.

 And in all of this madness we kept a child alive! :)
 2011 Chamber of Commerce Dinner

 2011 JSL Charity Ball with The Connors
Me, The Mad Hatter and Alice at our Wonderland

After Charity Ball, I saw my shadow and went back into hiding for the rest of March.  I came back out in April.

April started off with a trip to visit some of my oldest, dearest and best friends.  We all got together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our friend Sarah's little girl. Well, back up... My dates are running together and I did not log this event in my momAgenda.  At some point between Charity Ball and Sarah's shower Ben parted ways with his job.  This was a very good thing, but has added a little stress to our life.  Good stress I suppose, faith growing stress, but stress none the less.  And frustrations and a few arguments but a lot of love and a ton of support.  God had a plan and we are excited (an anxious) to see what it is!  So, seeing the girls the first of April was just what the doctor ordered.  There is nothing like getting around some good friends to put everything into perspective. 
We also went to a super fun Oyster Roast.  I do not like oysters but I LOVE a party with a theme!  I loved it so much we took a taxi home!

Mom and Sonny also came and spent a weekend with us in May.  We had such a fun time and ended the weekend with a trip to Callaway Gardens.

 Doesn't it look like my baby is talking to Jesus in the chapel?!

The came Easter week!  Monday Jamie came over and we all dyed our eggs.  She was by far the most artistic (which is one of the many reasons we keep her in our family).  Amelia thought it was "interesting" I guess would be an appropriate word.  She was super confused when the dye stained her hands and she could not get it off. 

 Daddy dyed Easter Eggs too but for once he was our photographer instead of me!

On Saturday we went to our church Easter Egg Hunt.  It was the first time in I don't know when that I have been to a big egg hunt.  It was divided up by age groups and there were games and hotdogs and all kinds of stuff.  Mom and Sonny and Nana and Pa joined us for the afternoon.  Amelia was kind of whatever about the eggs then she realized they had candy in them.  At that point she got serious!

 I love our little family!
 And this precious hunny bunny!

Easter Eve us four Easter Bunnies had a blast.  The guys supervised (aka had cocktails) while the Mama bunnies went to work.
 Happy Easter Amelia
 This is what Grandpa and Paw-Paw Easter Bunny brought!
Paw-Paw did a fantastic job on Amelia's toy box.  We will treasure it for years and years.  Who knows what that silly bunny will come up with next year.

 The Easter Bunny left his Bunny trail
"What's that?" She said
 Happy Easter!

I hosted Easter Lunch again this year but this year I served it on Grandma's china! 
It was very pretty and she was proud. 

Me and my Handsome Husband

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Katherine was the 29th.  I was going to go but my schedule just got too, too busy. It was really neat though.  It aired around 4:30 or 5am here.  There were Royal Wedding Brunches in circles all over town.  Everyone needs to live a little bit of the fairytale wedding!

We are a few weeks into May, but I will save that for another entry since this little catch-up has gotten a little long.  So far May includes a dramatic toddler and an emotional Mama with the end of the first year of school.  We made it! :)

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