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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Amelia's Christmas 2011

I am going to go back in time a little bit to chronicle some big events.  These are mainly for my benefit.  Living with old people has taught me a lot.  One big thing, you need as many reminders as possible because one day your mind is going to be gone.  More importantly, time goes by SO fast.  Slow down and enjoy every second of these sweet, stressful days.

Here's a little snapshot of our Christmas 2011

This was the first year Amelia was old enough to decorate her pink tree.  She did not remember anything about Christmas last year so it was all a surprise.  She loved her tree and loved that it was in her room.  She decorated it and rearranged it almost every single day. She was also pretty bummed when we took it down.

 SO proud!

We went to a local Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree.  We did not have much of a winter this year so it was a beautiful day.

 A beautiful tree and happy girl!

Daddy was traveling so much last year.  We had a friend give us tickets to the lights and Aunt Jamie went with us.  A girls night ended up being more fun anyway.  We did miss Daddy though

We went to a Christmas lunch and Santa made an appearance.  Amelia LOVED this Santa.  She followed him all over the house and sat in his lap twice.  We have no idea why but all Amelia asked for was carrots. She did this all season long.  "Amelia, what do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?"  "Carrots!!"  This was the theme of Christmas along with "Baby Jesus' Birthday".  She was super-duper excited about celebrating Jesus' birthday.

 Writing her list at Santa at Phipps

 She did not like the Santa we actually paid to see.  In fact her Santa picture has all 3 of us in it because she could not handle it.  This was a terrible night.  I should know now that anytime you plan a fantastic event and set high expectations with a 2 year old, it is not going to go over well.  We had all 4 Grandparent there for Santa and she lost her mind when she saw him.  We went out to a great dinner and I had to take her to the bathroom and threaten to spank her to get through it.  Then we went to the Pink Pig which was another bribe to get through dinner.  It had closed 5 mins earlier and they would not let us in.  It was beyond frustrated with the entire evening, but it was our Santa at Phipps 2011 story and part of our life.  I'm sure one day it will be funny.  It's still not right now! :)
 Amelia started taking ballet in August and it is precious!  They had a Nutcracker luncheon in December.  We went with our friends Ada and Joni.  We had lunch and watched the older girls do some Nutcracker dances.  Amelia and Ada had a blast watching the big girls, making cookies and making an ornament.

 2011 Christmas Parade

 This was the first year Daddy was not in the parade so he was able to join us

 Pajama Day at school

Putting out reindeer food

And Santa's milk and cookies

 Santa came and he brought carrots!

 And a princess kitchen

 And a piano (and a swingset that we did not get a picture of because it rained for 2 days)

 Merry Christmas 2011

We also had the most fantastic Christmas card ever that I will have to attach later because I can not find my proof at the moment.  Stay Tuned...

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