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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Colorful Afternoon... Amelia Turned 2!

Having a February birthday I always longed for warm summer parties.  Having an August baby has taught me that summer parties are tough too.  It is HOT!  I was busy making a baby in the heat of the summer so I did not have much energy.  I did want Amelia to have a special day though.  Around her 2nd year she was obsessed with reading, coloring and "jumpy jumps".  We decided to have family and just a few friends over for a colorful party on the ponderosa

 Favors of colors, books and "chewy candy" aka fruit snacks

 Thanks to Pintrest for this colorful snack idea

 Kathy Pirrman made an adorable and yummy crayon box cake
 Amelia loved having her very own jumpy jump in the front yard for a couple of days

 Heather made Amelia her crayon birthday dress

 So much fun to have your very own special suitcase


Turning 2 is so tough!  :)

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