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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Annie is 3 Months Already!

3 months old!
13.15 lbs and 24 inches tall (4/16/12)

I just realized I have not done one of these yet!  No wonder the 2nd child always has some kind of issue when they grow up!  Poor things just get lost in the shuffle sometimes...

* We had a struggle to get you to eat for a while and you were SO messy.  You have been on reflux meds for 1 month and it seems to be helping a lot.  You are a really good eater and takes about 3 oz.  You are breastfed mostly but you take 2 3oz bottles at Nun School in the mornings.  You eat every 2 hours like clockwork if you are awake.  We are trying to push you to 2.5 hours but you usually win that battle.

* You sleep A LOT!  During the day you basically wake up to eat then crash again.  When you are awake you just smile and smile. At night you go to sleep between 9:30 or 10 and wake up between 2:30 and 4am for a twilight feeding then fall asleep nursing.  I have to wake you again at 7am to leave for school. You also will fall asleep on your own all day long.  I will lay you down somewhere and you will just look around until you decide to take a nap.  We enjoy this little personality trait :)

* You are a fussy mess from about 5:30 to 8.  You demand us to hold you constantly during this time and we usually do because we haven't seen your eyes all day long.

* Like your sister you LOVE bath time.  You smile and raise your eyebrows the whole time.  Sister likes to wash your head and back (those are her jobs).  You do not like your post-bath lotion rub down.  In fact you absolutely can not stand it and scream the entire time.  Who knows why?  Your Daddy hates lotion and anything greasy so maybe it is hereditary. 

* Also like your sister, you have extremely sensitive skin. We spend a fortune on washes and lotions for you two.  Amelia has gotten a lot better so we are hoping you will outgrow it as well.  In the meantime lube-downs with Aquaphor is a must.

* You love laying in bed and "talking" to your mobile.  You make the funniest sounds and you are quite the loud mouth.  You have the same mobile your sister had and we have videos of her sounding the same way.  It's funny how similar you two can be, but yet so different.

* You will tolerate the swing, but you do not love it all that much

* You love being outside and will fall straight asleep in the stroller or Baby Bjourn.  I guess a little fresh air calms everyone

* You kick your feet nonstop (will you be a tap dancer or soccer player?) and you wiggle all over the place the entire time you sleep.  When you wake up you are on the complete opposite end of your bed.  We keep thinking once you get up and go, there will be no stopping you

* You smile all the time.  It is a big smile that lights up your whole face and closes your eyes.  You really started smiling responsively about 6 weeks and have not stopped.  You are just such a happy baby.

* You have been congested basically since birth.  We do not know if it is the reflux or colds from being a winter baby.  You've been on breathing treatments once (which you did not mind) and we have spent a lot of time sucking your nose (which you mind a lot). We keep saying that although you seem miserable with your colds, you still smile through it.

* You started "Nun School" at the end of your 7th week.  You go to the Catholic church from 7:45 to noon and the people there are so sweet.  Your teacher says she would take you home because you are such a good baby.  Daddy and I call it Nun School because it is so much fun to say.

We love watching you grow, but you are growing SO fast!  Please slow down!!

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