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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Nana!

This weekend we went to buy Nana two hydrangeas for her birthday, one from Amelia and one from Annie.  While we were waiting for the owner of the nursery to help us I thought I would take some pictures of the girls to make a birthday card.  Annie was asleep, as usual, and Amelia... well, she wasn't in the mood....

Take 1

Take 2

3 is not too bad.  Thought we were getting over the hump and could get a better one

This was the final product!  I personally LOVE it!

Sunday after church we had a little birthday party with Easter bunny cupcakes.  Amelia wanted to "help" Nana blow out her candle after singing her Happy Birthday solo.  Annie just sat there wondering when she would get her cupcake

Happy Birthday Nana!  We love you more and more with each year that passes!!

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