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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Tomb was Empty, The Sanctuary was Full

I was sitting in church on Easter morning in a very un-Easter mood.  My parents had been in town all weekend and were staying with my inlaws.  This made the most sense and they all enjoyed the stay but it had me shuffling back and forth between our house and theirs.  And even though it is just across the pasture, it's a lot of work moving 4 people's belongings back and forth.  We drove to Callaway Gardens for their Easter Egg-stravaganza Saturday and it was not worth the hype.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE Callaway Gardens, but this particular event was not worth the drive (even if I lived next door to the entrance).  And I felt that the person who helped me bring these children (who were on breathing treatments and cough medicine and up all hours of the night Easter weekend) into this world was spending more time watching a little golf tournament about a green jacket than helping me with the girls.  He did mow his parents grass and smoke a ham, but I was requiring a lot of attention that I clearly was not getting.
Soooo back to Sunday in the sanctuary.  We got there right before service began and this meant there were very few seats to be found.  I am already mad because I couldn't get myself and the girls together to make it to Sunday school, then we walk into a packed house and of course our normal a little over halfway to the front on the left hand side by the windows seats are taken.  And all I could think was "Who are all these people and why are they here?  I mean where are they every other Sunday.  You do not have the right to sit in my seat if you don't come to more than holiday services."  I honestly did not have my heart or mind in the right place because I remember those craptastic thoughts and can not tell you one word of our AMAZING pastor's sermon.  And FYI, since January 17th, we have sat in our seats once.  This is because when we do make it to church we are so late that we have to sneak in the back.  One day life will get back to normal.  AND I do love seeing a full sanctuary.  We have such a wonderful church and I'd love to share it with the whole world.  I would just love our holiday visitors to join us other Sundays as well.
Fortunately, we had a lot of fun events that led up to the most important day of our Christian faith when I decided to act like a 5 year old brat and here is your sneak peak:

Our church Easter egg hunt blew Callway's out of the water!

Amelia was serious about hunting some eggs this year!  I even tried to get her to put a few of hers in Annie's basket for a photo and she wouldn't give up even one egg

 This is a lovely, loving picture because it was such a fun day.  Amelia is starting to pose like a thug and I think it is awesome!

Even though the Callaway Egg Hunt was quick and lame, the girls were super cute and rockin some pretty fancy sunglasses

Amelia absolutely LOVED the Easter Bunny both times

 Mom and I got creative *shocker!* and found some fun ideas.  Mom and Amelia made some Rice Crispies Easter Eggs during the week and Saturday night at Nana's we all made a Peeps Cake.  It wasn't very pretty, but it was good!

Last year the Easter Bunny had this great idea of leaving his tracks with eggs and he did it again this year.  Such a creative bunny!

 White Baby makes a good seat

 I love these sweet sisters!

 Happy Easter Annie

 The family photo I didn't want to take (again because I was being obnoxiously emotional)

Have I mentioned how hard it is to get a pretty picture of both girls at the same time?

 Annie is such a pleasant baby

 Amelia had a rough day, because she is 2 after all, but she took a long nap (Mommy took one with her) and we both woke up feeling great.

So, all in all, Easter 2012 was not perfect and my attitude stunk but it was our Easter.  Praise God the tomb is empty and praise God that the sanctuary was full!!  And Praise God my family loves me and is still putting up with me! :)

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  1. I love you. Not just because you always take my side (ha ha), but you are honest and silly and don't take yourself too seriously (after the fact anyway).
    Your family puts up with you because even when you are grumpy, you are still awesomer than most folks. :)