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Monday, May 14, 2012

Pandora Vs Shades

Sometimes I think my Pandora radio station loves me more than anyone in the whole wide world.  Who else knows me well enough to play Sugarland singing Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire, Old Crow Medicine Show, Chris Rice’s Lemonade then Hootie.  I mean really?!  That does more for me than Christian ever did for Ana!

Do you know what I am talking about?  Are you reading, or a more appropriate question is probably Have you read those books?  I read the first and got so mad at him that I refused to read the second one.  Then I was up to my ears in frustration with my children last Tuesday and needed something to take my anger out on so I downloaded book 2.    I am maybe halfway through and I love the stalky, completely smothering, overstepping bounds creep.  So much so that I looked and my husband this weekend and thought "what the heck is wrong with you?!" I really do not know how this book is helping relationships, but that's a whole other blog.  Here's the thing, 1.  if he was not a gazillionaire (really, $100,000 an hour for a 27 year old) and did not fly her around in helicopters and gliders and buy her ipads and laptops and Audis she would have ran for the hills asap! and 2. The man has no friends and COMPLETELY smothers her.  If it were real life and they knew one another longer than 5 weeks, that would get SO old.

I shall continue to read.  Why?  I have no idea.  I find myself fast forwarding through most all of the sexy parts because really I am too tired to read about that kind of activity.  And I also know how it ends because my book club talked about all three books. I am really excited to get the details of the plot.  Part of me feels like I am only reading it to be cool because everyone else is doing it.  And I better like it because everyone else did.  It's kind of like my husband getting me to try on some Big Star jeans in a clothing boutique in Blue Ridge this weekend. He said they were hot, I said they are $148! are you crazy? And then I looked at them and thought, everyone else wears them, just get them.  And for a brief moment I stood there in the dressing room shaking around singing "She's a big star at Banana Joe's Bar where she sings karaoke every night...." and thought, there is a reason why everyone buys these things...they do make your hiney look pretty amazing... I put back on my $5.99 DKNY jeans I got at Goodwill brand new and left the Big Stars and my karaoke career in Blue Ridge. 

I would like to think I am getting to the stage in life where you do not feel like you need to conform to fit in, but obviously, Mr. Grey, I am not. 

My Pandora does definitely love me for me, but that it because I created it to please me.  Wait, maybe Mr. Grey isn't so bad after all...

Laters Baby 

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