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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Does your 2 Year Old Sleep With At Night?

I was trying to make up Amelia's bed this afternoon (not setting a great example, but it was a late morning).  As I was making I kept seeing bumps under the covers.  I'd lift it up and pull something else out. By the time I had everything out, there was a bed full!  I felt like I was cleaning her room as I put away everything that was invited to her slumber party in it's correct place.  Before putting it all up I decided to take inventory

If you can not see, we have...
2 lambs
2 bunnies
2 Minnies
1 Big Sister
1 Little Sister
1 Dragon
1 Cinderella
1 basket holding a baby and bear
1 scarf
1 ballerina
2 soft drinks
1 cookie
1 egg
And a knife (just in case someone tries to take all her stuff!)

Good thing she is in a full sized bed!

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