Chronicling The Comerfords

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Belly Laughs

Annie laughed out loud for the first time tonight. She was in the tub with Amelia and I.  Amelia started splashing and water got in her face.  At first I thought she was crying but then she stopped. She was sitting in my lap facing Amelia so I couldn't see her face.  Amelia giggled then did it again and Annie giggled back.  Turned out she had a big grin on her face looking at Amelia.  With each splash her laugh got bigger and in no time it was a deep belly laugh.  Sister was SO proud she was the first person to make Annie laugh.  I was proud for her. 

It was the perfect ending to a wonderful, tiresome day.  We had lunch with a friend, strolled entirely too far,  played in the sprinklers, made hand-print art for Paw-Paw and ended the day with all three of us in the garden tub belly laughing.  If I wouldn't have been naked I would have videoed it :)

I love these little love bugs!

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