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Monday, June 25, 2012

Everybody Ought to Love Jesus, Jesus!

The Princess has this video set called Cedarmont Kids.  She received them for her first birthday and we have watched them almost everyday since. They are usually what she watches to take a nap but on rainy days.  During the winter, they are on WAY too much.  I have a love/hate relationship with them.  They are good,Christian videos and they teach my child sweet little songs.  The downfall is the songs get stuck in my head at the most random times.  During the 11:00 church service was one of them.
Our church is going through something right now that I can not put my finger on. We have been in the church a little over 4 years.  We love our pastor and his sermons have always spoke to us.  For about the past year he is been on point every single Sunday.  I don't know if the Holy Ghost got ahold of him or what.  That sounds a little more Pentecostal than Methodist, but I don't think the Holy Spirit discriminates.

This Sunday morning I was exhausted.  Pudge is going through a growth spurt or something and she is hungry at night.  We try and try to let her cry it out but I have some determined babies.  I got about 3 hours of sleep. I knew that after church I had to go sort things for our big thrift sale for 2 hours then I had about 2 hours of work in the world of insurance to do.  I felt like I had to let something go.  I SO wanted Daddy and the girls to go to church and Sunday School so I could sleep for 2 hours. Instead I drank a lot of coffee and pushed through. Not only did we have a wonderful Sunday school class and service, but I had a ton of energy the rest of the day and got everything accomplished.  I know caffeine helps but so does Jesus.  The spiritual leader of our family :) reminded me that when you put Jesus first, he will sustain you.  He is right!

We are studying the books of Samuel in Sunday school.  Holy Smokes!  If you want to pick up a juicy novel, just read the old testament!  King David and his children are something else.  If they did a mini-series or a novel on David, Bathsheba, Amnon, Tamar and Absalom and did not tell people it was Biblical, it would fly off the shelves.  Seriously, read it and enjoy it.

Worship was all about showing your love for Jesus.  Not denying your faith.  Not being ashamed of who you are and who you love.  And really, why should you?  Jesus loves you and provides for you unconditionally.  There was once a time when it was uncool to not be a Christian.  When did the tables turn?  Why did the tables turn?  I am a Christian and I do hope that is shown in my actions.  Service did make me think about what I am doing with my children to make them good Christians.  In the children's bulletin there was a picture of an open house, like a doll house with rooms furnished and all.  It said "Circle the areas in your house where you pray."  Ugh!  Bad Mommy!  We have got to get better at praying with our children other than when food is served. And we need to read the Bible with them more so they grow up knowing all the treasures it holds. 

The more you know, the more you grow. Read, learn, share and love others

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