Chronicling The Comerfords

Friday, June 1, 2012

Our First Sister Fight

The 1st of June 2012 at approximately 9:15 am

Annie and Amelia are laying on our bed watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I am in the laundry room putting clothes in the dryer because my husband who has been home by himself for almost 5 days has nothing to wear (our laundry room is really hard to find).

Annie suddenly screams, I think to myself that I can probably ignore that because it is a new trend.  Then Amelia cries and Annie cries louder.  I come running in and will myself not to grab Annie first so that I do not show favoritism.  Both girls are crying and both have tears rolling down their faces.

I ask Amelia what happened "I I I I bit Annie."  "You BIT ANNIE (not shouty capitals, just firm capitals)?  Why would you do that?" "Because I bit her"  "Go to your room and sit on your bed."  I cuddle Annie for a bit and she smiles.  I also notice about four strands of hair in her left hand.  Well, that explains it.    We go into Amelia's room where she is still sobbing and I ask her again why she bit Annie and she sobs "Because she pulled my hair" as she demonstrates. 

We had a conversation about telling Mommy before you take the law into your own hands.  Both sisters apologized and gave one another a kiss.  Now everyone is fine except that Annie has a small bruise on her belly OUCH! and we are off to playgroup and lunch.

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