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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have meant to post at least 10 times the past 3 weeks.  Unfortunately sometimes life just gets in the way. The busier you are the harder it is to write about it. 
Soooo.... we've moved!!!  Moving completely snuck up on us.  We both hate to move so we procrastinate like crazy.  Once again, we were rushing around the house an hour before our movers got there throwing things into black trash bags.  Good news is that every single thing we own is in our house now and most all of it is in it's place.
The week before we moved was so busy.  Ben traveled Monday-Thursday.  This was the week after Amelia's recovery week so I filled it full of fun things to do.  She had Fairytale Princess Dance Camp, play group and VBS
 She really did love dance camp, but she wasn't in the mood for pictures.

 Who wouldn't love a week with sweet Mitzi
Addison invited us to her VBS since we missed ours recovering at Grandma & PawPaw's

We had been in our house almost a week when I started feeling like I had been hit by a truck.  I thought it was just sore muscles from moving everything and a little cough from stirring up dust.  On Wednesday I started running a fever and coughing hurt so bad I would double over.  A quick trip to the doctor (when I say quick I mean too quick.  The one time I would love nothing more than to sit in a cold waiting room and read People magazine for hours, the doctor is on time.  BOO!) and I was diagnosed with sinusitis and fatigue. Fatigue?  Really?  I've been tired for 5 months!  And FYI, I watch TMZ, I am fully aware that people in Hollywood get admitted for at least 24 hours for fatigue.  Call the ambulance, get me a room at the hospital and let's take a nap!  No such luck.  I did get 3 meds and I am now today (5 days after my appointment) starting to feel noticeably better. 
Saturday we went to a wedding.  I spent all Saturday morning in bed while Daddy kept the girls out of the house.  It made me feel well enough to put on a happy face and participate but that was about it.  It was such a fun wedding.  I'm kind of bummed I wasn't in a more festive mood.  They gave out awesome sunglasses and cotton candy as party favors and they had The Swinging Medallions as their band.  Of course I took a picture even though times were tough.  Luckily, my weary eyes do not show through my fantastic shades

Sunday morning we slept in and eventually made our way over to Einstein Bagels.  I love that place!

It was Father's day.  This is Daddy taking a deserved break.
Darn Good Coffee, Darn Good Bagels, Darn Good Man!

And this man!  He came into my life at 13 and never left.  Can you imagine?  Why in the world would someone do that?!  He came to every game I cheered and all my chorus recitals, the taught me how to use my bright lights and blinker, he gave me away to my husband and still continues to take me back.  He is now the best PawPaw in the entire world!

We LOVE our house! I need to take pictures when I have a second.  And I will get caught up chronicling all our other shenanigans of the past few weeks.

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