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Monday, June 25, 2012

Yard Sale Finds

Look at my fun new chair!! Technically it is a Facebook find instead of a Yard Sale Find. Seems to be a lot of "yard sales" on Facebook lately.  Regardless, isn't it great?!  It looks brand new.  And it came out of a friend's home so I know it is not groody.

A few weeks ago we ordered a precious chair from a local furniture company.  HOPEFULLY it will be here by Annie's baptism in a few weeks.  The thought was to order one and see how it fits and sits then we will order another.  Yesterday morning my sweet bundle of two year old preciousness got a pink highlighter all over the couch.  Thankfully it came out.  I started thinking, "We are not in the Let's pay $500 for a chair point in life yet."  Minutes later a friend on Facebook posted this chair for $50.  She said it was a little faded but in good condition.  I figured it was worth taking a look since she lives about 6 houses down the road.  Apparently our furniture is "a little faded" too because it matches perfectly.  I threw our little throw pillow from the couch onto the chair and it fits right in.

Looks great doesn't it?!

The highlighter was thrown away after bedtime tonight, but I'm still thinking of putting a plastic

cover or pretty sheet over the grown-up chair when it gets here. Maybe that will be the rule... You must be 30 to sit in the fancy chairLooks great doesn't it?!
Another perk is that her sweet husband delivered it to our house (with Ben's help). Now, once our fancy chair arrives, we will be in business. 

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