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Monday, July 23, 2012

In my next life I will be a fashionista

So I am a Lilly Girl.  I LOVE Lilly Pulitzer and I always will.  My goal is to wear her at least twice a week... say Mondays to get the week off to a good start then on Thursdays for Champagne Thursday... when I live at the Methodist retirement home on St Simons Island.  My husband thinks I'm crazy about living here, but they have a whole wing for that kind of treatment. 

Anyway, not to cheat on my friend, Lilly, but I found a great new designer this weekend.  And by new I mean everyone reading this blog may have heard of her, but I just discovered her.  Check out Elizabeth McKay!  Her clothes are so classic and everything I want to be when I grow up (every day with the exception of Monday and Thursday, of course)  I do believe I have just found my Easter dress for next year.

Isn't she lovely? 
And I bet she has 2 young children because she is wearing ballet flats

I'm guessing Elizabeth McKay is indeed a newer designer because when I hopped on ebay 3.5 seconds after I found her there were only 6 items. Boo!  Here's the thing... I like clothes, I LOVE nice clothes.  I'm not a label kind of girl, but I like what I like and unfortunately it's never cheap.  In order to save having to explain the credit card bill to my husband every month, I shop ebay.  Same goes for these smocked dresses my girls are expected to wear in the south.  You know, smocked dresses are pretty darn cute, but what started that trend anyway?

Maybe my new friend Elizabeth will find her way to ebay before Easter.  If not I I have a few months to save. The good think is that Lilly and Elizabeth's looks are so timeless that I will be able to wear them forever.  As long as I don't have to give up the love of Big Macs to fit into them.  Regardless, I can't go blowing all my money or I'll never get to retire to the beach. Ben has informed me that our tithes do not go towards my retirement living even though it is a Methodist facility.  I think the church should reevaluate that.

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