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Monday, July 9, 2012

Post-Baby Body Nonsense

There are a bazillion things that are unfair about being a Mommy.  One of them is the crazy changes you body goes through.  So let's just cut right to the chase... why is it that your baby boobies disappear before your baby belly?  I didn't have this problem round one because I breastfed longer.  I am now 3 weeks post breast feeding and the girls are gone.  I still have about 9 lbs of Annie love hanging around in my mid section.  I have no problem with the girls going back into hibernation because truthfully, I was pretty insecure about them.  I do have a big problem with the extra 9 lingering.  Not a big enough problem to pull out the double stroller when it's 94 degrees and exercise, but a big enough problem to complain about it.

Another thing is I decided to go back on birth control this time around.  I think these things could be contributing to the lingering 9.  I know for sure they are causing hot flashes.  That or the 94 degrees.  Whatever!  Sweating when you are in the air conditioner getting your children dressed at 7am is for the birds!  Damn you Eve!  Apples aren't even that tasty. It was just an apple for goodness sakes!

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