Chronicling The Comerfords

Monday, July 2, 2012

Potty Training 102 - Do I hear an echo?

For starters potty training is going pretty dang well.  Day 3.5 with no, zero, nada accidents.  If I didn't detest locking myself in a house with almost 3 year olds and sitting on the bathroom floor every 20 to 30 mins I could probably make a career being a professional potty trainer because I am pretty awesome.  Ok, truth be known, the Princess could have probably been potty trained months ago but I was too lazy.  She was going about 3 times a day unprompted before we started the process.

Anyway, about the time I started cooking supper she started informing me "my bottom is hurting".  I knew exactly what this meant so I rushed her straight to the potty.  She made a detour to get my old crackberry that she plays with. I think this is a hilarious toy because very rarely does she talk on the crackberry.  She is usually "sending an email" or "sending a message".  Signs of the times I guess. I informed her that I was drying out my couscous to complete this process so she needed to get to the bathroom pronto.  Annie and I sat on the rug and Princess PeePee on her potty.  My view looked something like this

From the comfy hot pink rug in front of the tub I inquired "Amelia, what are you doing?"
Amelia: "I'm taking a crap on my phone."
Me: "You are doing what?"  Thinking I heard her correctly, but surely not
Amelia: "I'm taking a crap on my phone!"

Yes, I heard it correctly the first time.  Now, I'm not placing blame because there could or could not be more than one person who takes their phone to the bathroom in this house.  I will however say that there is only one person in this house that refers to doing the #2 as "taking a crap".  There are 3 people in this house besides the Princess.  One does not talk, one does not like to talk about what they do in the bathroom and the other is a boy.  You decide where she picked that one up. Because we are such amazing parents, we've had her repeat it at least 5 times since because its funny!  Before you judge, we corrected her shortly after dinner and told her that wasn't a sweet thing for little girls to say
Dropping White Baby in the car and saying "Well shit" was totally me, but that was months ago and we now say shhhhhhhoot!

My friends, moments like this is why I Chronicle the Comerfords. I don't want to forget a single memory in our amazingly funny little life.


  1. I love this so much!!!! Makes you feel like a real parent! We have had them repeat funny little mishaps too just for our amusement. Paige