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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Prevenient Grace

 We are Methodist.  I grew up in the Methodist church, but I am just now as a semi-grown up learning all that being Methodist means.  Actually, I learned in Sunday school that I should strive not to be Methodist or Christian but to be a "disciple of Christ".  More on that in another post. 

Today we baptized Annie into the body of Christ, into the family of our church (First Meth-o-dees as Amelia calls it)   I thought I understood Methodist Baptism but as with other Methodist practices and sacraments, I wanted to be sure.  Especially since my babies are involved.  From the UMC website: "John Wesley preached “prevenient grace,” the grace that works in our lives before we are aware of it, bringing us to faith. The baptism of children and their inclusion in the church before they can respond with their own confirmation of faith is a vivid and compelling witness to prevenient grace."
I like Prevenient Grace.  I like all grace! 

Such a pretty little girl on her special day

And some proud parents. 

Also, this Sunday was the first time Amelia came to big church and participated in the Children's Moment.  Of course, she wanted to go see Mrs. Jane right after it was done!

"Shhhh!  We need to be quiet in big church."

Church and faith is a big deal in our house.  Thinking of all this has made us really think about our responsibility as spiritual parents.  Obviously, we are making a decision for our children now and have the task of "bringing them up into the way that leads to Christ eternal".  But at what age do they make their own decision?  When do we start encouraging them to ask Jesus into their heart?  Daddy is reading the bible as I blog (who's the spiritual leader in this house?!) and we will discuss shortly.  Right now I have an almost 3 year old blessing wallering all over me and trying to help me type.  I suppose I should put her to bed.  Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed and I'll update you on ours.

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