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Monday, July 2, 2012

Princess PeePee and the TeeTee Timer

This weekend was potty training 101 at our house.  Ugh!  I will tell you that it is a small miracle any of us teetee in the potty!  What a chore it is!  After reading many mommy blogs and pinterest posts I decided to go with the sticker chart approach.  We started Friday when we got home from lunch and so far only 4 accidents. One was a poop (terrible mess that was!), one was jumping up and down bragging to daddy about her stickers and 2 were in the middle of play away from home.  I don't think we are doing so bad!
Here's our chart. I picked up some card stock at the store and used some stickers from a sticker book we already had.  We set the teetee timer (aka microwave timer) for 25 mins.  Everytime it would go off we tried to potty.  If she teetee'd she got a sticker. If she went 6 times with no accidents, she could pick a prize (cookies, ring pops, m&ms, fruit snacks, etc).  I went with 6 times because that's how many squares fit on my paper.
Sometimes the timer went off and she'd be SO excited to go. "Oops! There's my teetee timer!  Let's go potty!"  Other times she would throw a big fit not to.  I think the issue was that sometimes she really didn't have to go and she did not like not geting a sticker. Whining "I can't, I can't go"  If she didn't go, I'd set the timer for 10 more mins and try again.  At this point stickers are fun, but she's kind of over needing one each time. {For the record, I totally just dropped part of a Dilly Bar on my keyboard trying to have a treat, blog and get Annie to hold her own bottle. Way to multi-task Mom!} I think next go around (unless I'm rich and therefore will pay someone to potty train Annie) I will reward for each attempt.  Maybe you get a sticker each time for trying, but if you try and succeed you get a sticker and one m&m or something.

Here is the funniest experience thus far from potty training... Ben thought he would teach our potty trainer how to "tee tee on the fly" since she had to go when we were driving down the road. To this she responded "daddy we can't tee tee on the flies! They might bite our hiney!" Makes sense to me! I wouldn't trade our funny girl for anything in the world

Eventhough she isn't really using the chart, it is still hanging.  She is pretty proud of it!
Yesterday we went to church and the nursery worker was on her own with many babies.  She suggested a pullup for the morning.  I wanted to cry because I felt like it would ruin all my efforts, but I understood and went with it.  Then it was nap time and then we swam all afternoon until bed time. I was REALLY worried we would be back to square one today, but it doesn't seem like it.
It is 3:15 Monday afternoon and so far no accidents all day!  Did I just curse myself?

YAY Amelia!  So proud of my big girl!
Only having one Princess' diaper to change a day would be fabulous!  Keep your fingers crossed!

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