Chronicling The Comerfords

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First trip to the Dentist

I knew that Amelia would start going to the dentist around 3 and a half or 4.  Seeing as our super wonderful dentist is a boy and Amelia has a boy phobia right now, I decided it best to do a trial run.  I had my appointment for today so I brought big sister along with me to watch.
She was very interested in what the dental hygienist was doing and what all her tools were.  I think she asked her a thousand questions.  I was really excited about this because it saved the hygienist asking me questions and expecting me to answer when she has at least 6 fingers and 2 tools in my mouth.  I know they all do this and they are just trying to be friendly, but it's so awkward.

After looking in my mouth a handful of times and touching every tool on the tray, she was bored and decided to go play with Ashley. As it turns out Ashley who is the office manager is also the dentist's wife and in our Sunday school class and our friend.  She took Amelia into her office to play dentist

Maybe this will be a future career choice?  I do LOVE going to the dentist so it would be awesome to have someone on call to clean my teeth as I wish.

Look at that big girl!  She said it didn't taste good but liked the sucky thing

2 Sets of pretty teeth and a new toothbrush!


  1. Amelia sure has a nice smile. :) It’s a good thing Ashley is great with children, and it seems like your daughter had a good time visiting the dentist. It’s always good to play pretend with a child, to be the dentist and the patient. This gives them a hint that it is enjoyable and fun.

    Darcy Losh

  2. I personally think the dentist is very enjoyable but I'm a clean freak (even with my teeth!) haha! Yes! Ashley is wonderful with children (and everyone else as well)!

  3. It’s good that everyone there is great with children. It can make it more enjoyable for Amelia the next time you go back for a visit. Building trust and good relationship is really a factor in any partnership, especially one that deals with a child’s dental hygiene. It was good that Ashley and the others earned Amelia’s trust in no time. :D

    Ted Grimmer