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Monday, August 13, 2012

Half a Year Already!

6 Months
28" Long and 19.4 lbs

I can not believe that half the year has gone by already.  That sweet little baby Annie is turning into a real life person that moves and has a personality. Time really does fly by.  I feel like a lot of these months I have just been going through the motions and putting out fires rather than treasuring every single second (the non-crying, happy seconds) of this sweet life we have together.  That is so hard to do. 
A lot started happening the week Annie turned 6 months!

* On Monday before she turned 6 months she started rolling all over the place.  She'd been doing the occasional one roll here and there, but this week she started rolling and did not stop.  Since then she has started rolling with a purpose.  If she wants a toy she will roll clear across the room to get it.  Big Sister is not pleased with this accomplishment as she can no longer pick the toys she thinks are suitable for Annie aka all the junk toys and baby toys she has no interest in.

* Annie is completely bottle fed and has been for a few weeks.  She actually takes a bottle much better than the breast and she is much happier.  She takes 6 ounces 4 times a day and takes 1 container of baby food mixed with cereal twice a day.

* She is really starting to jabber a lot. She tries to mimic your sound and right now we have her babbling something that sounds a lot like "Heeeeyyy Da-da"

* She is still not a napper, but I have gotten her on a schedule where she will lay down at 12:30.  Sometimes she sleeps 15 mins, sometimes 30, hardly ever a full hour.  She still sleeps at night time from somewhere between 6 and 7 to 6.  This is a solid sleep, as it should be since she does not nap.

* She is still at nun school in the mornings and is very happy there.  As am I.  They really are sweet, sweet people and they love on my precious pudge!

While Annie is still the smiliest thing I have ever seen, she has become a little grumpy.  We keep thinking maybe it is teeth, but they have not shown through yet.  Part of her probably is that she There is just this large part of me that thinks this is our last baby so I want to treasure every single second of it.

There are some days where I want to put blocks on their heads and force them not to grow, then days where I pray this stage of life will pass quickly.  But on the days where I pray for the toddler age to pass I remember these little creations will become nasty little creatures called teenagers.  Yuck!  I think I will stick with whiny toddlers for a little while longer!

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